Term Dates & Fees

Autumn term 2022

Ballet Exams in November

Monday 4.15 Ballet Grade 5 Exam

5pm Contemporary grade 4 Exam

Tuesday 4.15pm Primary school age Richmond Tap Movers

5pm – 6.30PM Ballet 6 + 7 Exam New Grade work + pointe work

6.30 Diamond Adult barre + stretch exercises


Wednesday 4.15pm Ballet 1st Exam Class

5pm. Ballet grade 3 Exam

5.45 Ballet grade 3 Part 2 Exam class


5.45- 6.30 pm Adult Tap Beginners only 6.45pm Intermediate Adult Tap. (14)




Outreach to schools in Richmond

5pm Contemporary Grade 6/inter foundation/



9am Grade 5 beginners pointe work appreciation and exercises

9.45am Grade 6 / Grade 7 middle level Private lessons until 12pm


A Term is usually 10 lessons.

Fees – 

Per Subject/Discipline £120 per Term

Private lessons available (£50 per lesson)